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How to choose the right Shades of Grey Paint

Grey painted walls add an air of sophistication, style and glamour to any room. They can create a cool, calm environment too. But how do you choose the right shade of grey paint? shades of grey paint in tins with brushes

There are only a few thousand shades to choose from! Do you want a light grey, medium grey, charcoal grey? A brown-ish grey, blue-ish grey, black-ish grey?

Before you set off for the DIY store give some thought to the room you are about to decorate. What is it used for? Does it need to compliment the furnishings you already have and want to keep? Will it match the new furniture you have your eye on? These are all important factors to consider before you select the shades of grey paint for your project.

We have a few ideas that might help…

Visit the DIY Store; many have a vast selection of tester pots. Chooses a variety of greys from across the spectrum, warm, cool, light, strong and see which works best with your existing furniture and fittings. Paint large swatches of each tester then give yourself a little while to live with these shades of grey paint to get a sense of which shade best complements your surroundings, mood, and the lighting.

bedroom in shades of grey paint
tins of shades of grey paint
bathroom in shades of grey paint

You have to take the lighting into consideration too. Once you have painted the tester pots check out the different shades and how they change as the light changes throughout the day. Remember the colour of the ceiling can affect how the grey on your walls will look and feel too.

Greys which have a rosy pink undertone give a warm and welcoming glow when the sun shines through. If you have wooden floors, or a lot of wood furniture, warm greys with putty undertones work well, especially with hints of bright colour in your soft furnishings or accessories.

Cooler light greys make less of a statement giving a calm understated vibe, while at the darker end of the spectrum a warm, deep grey works great with cream accessories like lamps, frames or furniture. Some of the lighter grey shades can look silver, appearing luminous in a well-lit space. When paired with white the room becomes a dazzling yet serene space.

office in shades of grey paint
master bedroom in shades of grey paint

Forget the idea that the office is a drab place to be. A warm grey that is almost a cross between grey and beige in the home office or studio will create a welcoming, cosy work-space.

Cool bluish-greys have a steel-like appearance to them and are a great way to ‘cool off’ a south-facing room that gets constant sun. Or try the subdued tones of a deep charcoal grey a great choice for a bedroom. These deepest of greys exude a feeling of elegance and calm, and create a striking contrast when matched with white or vivid colors like yellow, lime green, cranberry red or burnt orange.


yellow furnishings with shades of grey paint

Have you ever noticed how well grey and yellow go together?

Create a cheerful dining room, stylish living room or fun bedroom with soft mid-tone grey walls and vivid yellow accessories.

Grey is a popular choice for kitchens. As this room is often the hub of the house choose warm and inviting natural greys; Try using nature for inspiration; many birds and other animals, rocks and pebbles are perfect shades of warm grey.

Grey KitchenOnce you’ve picked the winning shade accessorising with complimentary colours will really bring the grey to life.

Using a professional painter like Murphy Bros Decorators will make sure you get the best results you can!