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Although the bathroom is used by everybody, on a daily basis, it is a room that can receive the least amount of consideration when it comes to decoration.

Choosing the right paint colour for your bathroom can have a dramatic effect.Choosing the right paint colour for your bathroom -green bathroom Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the day, or you would just like to make a loud statement in the smallest room, there are many ways to stamp your individuality on this space by thinking carefully about the colour choice of your paint.


Using bright white paint can create a very cold and clinical feel to a bathroom. Choose a warm, cream shade to help soften the effect, whilst still giving the same clean appearance. However, if you are choosing to use white, in order to make a small space appear larger, make good use of your accessories. Wicker baskets, bright towels, and even plants, can help to create an atmosphere that is less stark.

Beige bathroom - paint colour for your bathroom
Yellow bathroom - paint colour for your bathroom
Grey bathroom - paint colour for your bathroom


Almost certainly due to its nautical associations, blue has always been a firm favourite when it comes to choosing the right paint colour for your bathroom. With a huge choice of shades, ranging from sky blue, through more aquatic tones of sea blue and turquoise, all the way to the grey-blue end of the spectrum, you can bring a sense of tranquillity to your space. For a more arresting effect, try combining a light shade with a bolder accent colour.

Blue BAthroom - paint colour for your bathroom


Teamed up with bright white bathroom furniture, and wicker containers for towels, soap, etc., shades of green can bring a calm and organic feel to a bathroom. With the right lighting and placing of mirrors, you could almost produce an underwater effect creating a perfect place to relax in a hot bath at the end of a long day.


Versatile Yellow


Yellow is wonderfully versatile when it comes to choosing a paint colour for your bathroom. It can transform an otherwise utilitarian space in a number of ways, depending on the particular shade you choose. A very pale lemon yellow can give a classical feel, while a slightly sunny yellow can make the space feel quite cottagey. A very bright yellow used as an accent colour, can make a tiny bathroom a cheerful and energising space.

Go bold when choosing a paint colour for your bathroom!


While this may seem to be an unusual colour to see in a bathroom, a bright red used against white bathroom furniture will certainly make a bold statement. Deeper, richer tones will create a very intimate atmosphere which may work to their best potential in a larger bathroom. Bold colours can still be very effective when used in alcoves or on an accent wall. Lighting and accessories will also make all the difference to the end result. red-bathroom - paint colour for your bathroom












Grey may not be the first colour that most people would necessarily think about when choosing paint for the bathroom, as it can seem very metallic. However, as with everything else, the shade is what makes the difference.

If, having selected the colour for your new-look bathroom, you would like professional help to achieve your vision, contact us here at Murphy Bros.