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As one year draws to a close and a new one approaches, it is often the time that your thoughts turn to a fresh start. Where better to begin freshening up the decor in your home, than with a kitchen makeover. New ideas for painting your kitchen are plentiful, and we have presented a few here to give you a nudge in the right direction for a look that will suit both your home, and your personality.

painted kitchen cabinets  - New Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen

Breathe new life into tired cabinets…

By far the easiest way to update your kitchen, without having to undertake a major paint job, is to give your cabinets and furniture a new lease of life with a different colour scheme. With years of experience, Pat Murphy will be able to advise you on the best paint and methods to use to achieve the professional results you are looking for.

Colour schemes…

Warm and cosy.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. All food is prepared here, most meals are eaten together here, and generally speaking, this is where the family are likely to congregate together the most often. Ideas for painting your kitchen in this case tend to lean towards warm yellows, oranges and even reds.

Bright yellows can give a sunny feel to a kitchen, especially if the space is on the small side. Combined with natural wood cupboards, this provides a farmhouse feel.

Burnt orange and dark reds will make a kitchen feel warm and cosy but are probably best only used as a feature, unless you have a large kitchen.

Yellow painted kitchen - New Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen.
Blue painted kitchen - New Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen.
White painted kitchen - New Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen.

Crisp and clean

An all white kitchen, particularly when teamed up with stainless steel worktops, fridges, cookers, etc. can give a very clean and crisp feel to the space. This is the ideal solution for some people but can be a touch too clinical for others. If you want to add some individuality you can brighten up the work surfaces with colourful kitchen gadgets.

New ideas for painting your kitchen with cool blue

If you like the idea of a white kitchen but would like to add at least a little depth of colour, then you can always paint your cabinets with a pale grey-blue or grey-green. This will retain the clean looking lines of your kitchen whilst preventing it from looking too sterile.

grey painted kitchen - New Ideas for Painting Your Kitchen.As many kitchens have their windows overlooking the garden, blue or green is a great choice of paint colour. It helps to carry the natural garden feel into your living space.

This is particularly true if your kitchen opens onto a patio that you use as an eating area.  In the summer the garden truly will become an extension of the house.

The use of house plants or windowsill herbs in the kitchen only serves to enhance this feeling.


At the end of the day, all paint schemes are very dependent on the individual tastes of each person. If you have some ideas for painting your kitchen, talk to Murphy Bros Decorators for advice and a quote. We can help you to realise your vision.