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How to paint the outside of your house? The obvious answer for us as professional painters and decorators is to call in the experts!

If you are thinking of painting the outside of your house this spring, whether you bring in the professionals or your budget dictates a DIY job, here are a few important things to consider… Painting the Outside of Your House with a verhanda

Plan ahead – The window of opportunity when painting the outside of you house can be limited… especially in a wet and green Ireland! Surfaces that are being painted need to be dry for the paint to stick. Paint needs time to dry too; you don’t want all that hard work washed down the drain. Watch the weather forecast for an adequate dry spell.

Use good quality paint – The better the paint, the better coverage you will get. The longer it will stay looking good. If you skimp on the quality of the paint, it can fade or flake and need re-painting sooner. This will cost you more in the long run.

Prepare the surface – Don’t be tempted to jump straight in there with your brush or roller. It is vital that you clean and prepare the surface before painting the outside of your house.

  • Inspect the walls and woodwork for cracks, chips and rotten wood.
  • Fill and smooth off any cracks. Seal joints like door frames, window frames and fascia boards.
  • Power wash the whole building to remove dirt and loose bits of paint.

Before painting the outside of your house take the time to prime it first. Using a quality sealer will lock everything into place giving the new paint a good surface to adhere to.

Painting the Outside of Your House - pastel colour houses
Painting the Outside of Your House - bungalow in sage green
Painting the Outside of Your House - colourful Irish village

Prepare to paint – Protect windows, doors and all areas that won’t be painted (or painted with the particular colour). Don’t forget to protect he ground area where you are painting… it can be a messy job! protect areas not painted - Painting the Outside of Your House

Choosing a colour – This is probably the first thing that comes to mind when considering painting the outside of your house.

  • The choices are overwhelming, we know. A good idea is to take a little time driving around your neighbourhood to see what catches your eye.
  • Think about the style of your home; choose a colour that compliments any brick work, stone work or roofing materials.
  • Consider too, how important it may be to you that your home fits in with the neighbourhood, especially if you live in a cul-de-sac, housing estate, or on the village high street.
  • Choose colours with curb appeal… especially if you are sprucing up the house to sell.
  • If there are a couple of colours in the running, paint a sample of each on an outside wall and look at them at different times of the day to decide which you prefer.
Painting the Outside of Your House - cream modern detached house

Start painting – Once all of the above is sorted and decided it’s time to start painting the outside of your house. Always start from the top, its inevitable there will be drips and splashes, working form the top means you can fix them as you work your way down. Once the walls are finished the last step is to paint doors, fascias and other decorative features.

Remember there are no shortcuts to a professional finish when painting the outside of your house; the best results take time!