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Is the master bedroom your haven? Your sanctuary away from the bustle of family life, or perhaps it’s your space for a little down time after a stressful day at work.

Choosing the perfect colours when painting the master bedroom is really important if you are going to achieve a finish that will work for you.

The master bedroom is your personal space so use the colours that you love. If you are lucky enough to have a master bedroom with an en-suite and maybe even a dressing area, combine colours and textures that complement each other to create a stylish and comfortable personal space. Neutral and blue colours for painting the master bedroom

Just because you want a peaceful space it doesn’t mean that bright or dark colours are off limits. Painting the master bedroom walls in neutral shades and then using strong colours in the bed linen, or with cushions and throws, lamp shades and other accessories will blend the two perfectly. Using neutral shades is also a great backdrop to allow you to change accessories to suit your mood or the time of year.

Which are your favourite colour combinations?


If you’re thinking you would like red walls in the bedroom, be careful, red is a stimulant, too much can be quite overwhelming. Try using it on just one wall, if you have large windows it can look good as the light from the windows will break up the intense colour. Or tone it down and use one of the softer shades from the palette range.

painting the master bedroom neutral shades
painting the master bedroom red

Yellow is another colour that you wouldn’t want to use too bright a shade. Using softer shades of yellow will create a very relaxing space. Like with neutrals, adding in splashes of strong colour with bedding and accessories can create a complete look you will love.

Green is actually one of the best colours to use when painting the master bedroom.


With elements of both warmth and coolness, there is a wide range of shades to choose from. Green also works really well with modern and traditional furniture, whether painted or bare wood. If you love the colour green, fern green walls trimmed with creamy white woodwork will look gorgeous. green-walls painting the master bedroom

The cool, soothing shades of blue are a natural choice for many when painting the master bedroom. Muted pale tones create a soft look, team up with delicate wallpaper and soft furnishings for a stunning finish. If you have an older home with period features, deep shades of blue work perfectly with antiques and classic furnishings. Compliment with white skirting and ceilings for an elegant finish. Blue and green can work well together too, creating a cool, soothing master bedroom.

painting the master bedroom blue

For the very bold out there, even black can work on the walls when balanced with white furnishings and bright spots of colour like yellow or turquoise.

painting the master bedroom purple

There are some exciting shades of purple that will turn your master bedroom into a sophisticated retreat. A dark aubergine shade suggests passion, royalty and richness. Lighter shades of purple like lavender and lilac give a more restful quality, as blue does but with a little more warmth.


Are you ready to get started on painting the master bedroom and creating your own perfect retreat? Why not give us a call at Murphy Bros?