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We all know the phrase ‘first impressions count’ – it’s one to remember when decorating your hallway.

Think stylish, yet welcoming with a colour that flows and compliments the rooms it connects with. purple-stairs

Designers all have their own views on decorating your hallway; from traditional to contemporary, wacky to soothing. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you decide on a style that suits your home when decorating your hallway.

A contemporary colour which is darker can make the adjoining rooms appear lighter and more airy.

Prevent a tunnel-effect in a long narrow hallway by painting the end wall a darker shade than the side walls; it will appear more spacious.

Grey is always a popular colour, whether for a traditional or contemporary hallway. Pale grey walls help to blend a mix of classic pieces of furniture with more modern accessories.

decorating your hallway in tones of grey
decorating your hallway in tones of pale blue

Decorating your hallway with a tonal scheme, whether it is in soothing shades, or bright pinks or yellows, creates a sense of welcome and harmony to your visitors.

If you have traditional features like a dado rail, panelling or decorative skirting try using a different colour to highlight them.


We don’t generally spend a lot of time in the hallway which makes it a great place to be a little daring and brave with the use of exciting colours. Strong green, rich burgundy or vibrant blue will create a feeling of glamour and opulence while making the connecting rooms feel brighter and bigger.

If you want to try dark colour without being overpowering try painting the lower ¾ of your walls in a deeper tone. Painting everything above the line white will accentuate the height of the room.

decorating your hallway dark blue panelling

Decorating your hallway with wallpaper can make a statement

Wallpaper has definitely made a comeback! With so many designs and colours available now you can create a real wow factor. Whether you want bold and bright, calm and elegant, or wild and retro, there’s plenty to choose from.

Before you get excited by the endless choice consider the size of your hallway. Small spaces will be enhanced by shades of white, cream and other neutral colours. Choose a small pattern too, as large designs will dominate the space and you will lose the impact of the repeat pattern.

decorating your hallway with black and white stripe wallpaper
decorating your hallway with blue flowered wallpaper
decorating your hallway with brown stripe wallpaper
decorating your hallway with classi blue wallpaper

If you have a period home with a dado rail in the hallway use a bold pattern above or below the rail, then mix and match colours and patterns on the other half for a different look.

For those of you lucky enough to have a large hallway you have a choice of great bold designs that can work really well. Stripes and trailing patterns up the height of the stairwell draw the eye into the room.

Not brave enough for bold patterns throughout your hallway? Try using rich patterned wallpaper in recesses, nooks or on the under-stairs to add a bit of daring without being overpowering.

Think about rails and risers when decorating your hallway

Another great way to add personality and colour when decorating your hallway is by painting the staircase itself. If you have spindles, brighten them by painting in the different shades of the main colour theme for your hallway.

painted-stair-treadswhite-hallway-with-painted-stairsPainting the staircase risers a vibrant colour while the treads, handrail and surrounding walls are a shade of white will draw attention to them and add instant colour to your hallway. Painting just one riser in a contrasting colour that you can use for accessories too, works really well.

So now that you have great ideas to fuel your imagination you can get on and decorate your hallway in a welcoming style with your own personal stamp on it.

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