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If your image of green paint on the walls is limited to emerald, mint or olive, it’s time to broaden your horizons. There are hundreds of shades to choose from. If you want to know more about shades of green and where to use them read on… Shades of green and where to use them - bedroom

Because there is a mix of green in so many colours, depending on the light coming into the room even pink can look green! If you are embarking on a decorating project that may involve green paint, be brave – when you open up that tin of lovely sage green, don’t chicken out and tone it down with white – go for it! Be happy with your choice – with the right accessories it will look amazing.

Let’s look at a selection of shades of green and where to use them.

Green can be such a soothing shade. A cool sea-foam shade is often used in spas and treatment rooms. Match up with chocolate brown for a soothing restful bathroom or bedroom. Or you could choose another cool blue-green; jade green, the ultimate de-stressing colour will evoke a spa far from home while creating a sophisticated vibe to your bathroom.

Shades of green and where to use them - hallway
Shades of green and where to use them - bathroom
Shades of green and where to use them - playroom

Using green tones in your hallway links the outside and the indoors. Like in the garden green is matched with the bright colours of the flowers that the foliage surrounds. Choose a green that represents to foliage and accessorize with vivid colours for a stunning hallway.

Shades of green and where to use them - CHartreuse living roomStrong yellow greens like Chartreuse are popular these days for the contemporary look. Some shades can be quite lively, sometimes overwhelming. It’s best to balance the effect by using it with a neutral grey, white or black.

Light yellow greens like lemongrass are delicate and soothing, nice for a bathroom or nursary perhaps.

For something a little off the wall why not paint the ceiling green? This example from Houzz shows a green ceiling with light coloured walls. The room has many different shades of yellow green mixed with white and wood tones, creating a gorgeous look that exudes relaxation and harmony.

Shades of green and where to use them - Houzz bedroom

If you’re looking for a shade of green for outside paintwork, try army green. It works really well as a trim against wood, brick or stone. Army Green outside

Hopefully we’ve helped you work out which shades of green and where to use them for your next decorating project, we’re delighted.

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