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When it comes to decorating, grey has been the new white for quite a while now. If you’re thinking of decorating with grey paint we have a few tips and ideas to help you decide the shade of grey for you.

This elegant neutral colour can give depth to subtle colours and make bold accent colours really stand out without being too shouty. Decorating with grey paint can be tricky too. Shade is important; choosing cool or warm shades can have a very different effect on the atmosphere of a room. Done right grey walls can be luxurious and sophisticated, cool and peaceful, modern and glamorous, and so much more. grey bathroom - decorating with grey paint.

It’s helpful to understand how the light comes into a room you’re planning to paint with grey. The direction of the light can make your grey shade warmer or cooler. The northern light is coolest, giving grey walls a blueish hue. Still, this can be difficult when faced with such a huge selection of shades.

Let’s try to break it down a little for easier choices when decorating with grey paint.


Bedroom - decorating with grey paint
Hallway - decorating with grey paint
Bedroom - decorating with grey paint

North facing rooms

If your room faces north with little or no natural light it may be better to use grey as an accent colour rather than the main wall colour. Think of the room’s purpose; a strong grey with brown undertones can make a room feel warm and elegant. Charcoal grey will make a dining room glamorous and inviting. For warmer tones use yellow or beige based greys; they will help to bounce what light there is around the room.Decorating with grey paint - living room

West facing rooms

A west facing room will also do better with yellow or beige based greys. These shades will give the room a cool feel in the mornings turning to a warmer feel as the evening arrives and you switch on lights.

East facing rooms

Rooms facing east get the short end of the stick when it comes to natural light. Embrace this by choosing green or blue greys, like a French grey which is ideal for both interior and exterior paint. However with a cooler climate, like our Irish weather, add layers of grey with your soft furnishing, or perhaps two-tone walls to stop the room from feeling too clinical and cool.

South facing rooms

If you’re lucky enough to have south facing rooms these are always easier to decorate as all colours look great. When it comes to decorating with grey paint it’s really about the look and feel you want to create. For a light and spacious feel choose pale tones of warm greys. Dark warm greys go well with strong wallpaper patterns or vibrant furnishings, giving a sense of elegance or history.

Before starting on your decorating with grey paint project here are a few tips from the experts.

Decorating with grey paint in the dining room
  • Use flat paint on walls rather than gloss or semi-gloss. Glossy grey can look a little industrial – not necessarily the look you are going for.
  • Use a creamy tint for woodwork against grey walls as opposed to white which can look too jarring.
  • Accessorize with lots of light sources; tall lamps, table lamps, wall lighting. Grey is already a shadowy colour, don’t cast more shadows with overhead fixtures.